After working together for some period of time, All England Fire Stopping and Millwood Servicing Ltd, have entered into a partnership agreement, which enables  us to further increase our range of services in the fire prevention  market.

  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Fire Doors
  • Fire Protection Equipment

Emergency Lighting

Scheduled monthly functional and operational tests and annual full inspection and test of each asset.
Full design (including energy saving) and installation
Lamp replacement service
Full inspection and assetting service
Conventional lighting
Car park and exterior lighting
LED lighting designs
Office lighting

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Scheduled fire alarm testing
Full design, installation, commissioning and maintenance visits
Full inspection and assetting service
24/7 365 call-outs
Fault finding

Fire Safety Training

All of our courses:
Meet the requirements of Article 21 from The Regulatory Reform
Are uniquely created and presented by our Technical Director
Are delivered in a targeted format, in a relaxed informal atmosphere with plenty of interaction
Are charged per session (groups of up to 40 people) and not per person, This provides a highly competitive and value for money training opportunity as well as a perfect
environment for valuable discussion and Q&A.

Fire Doors

Millwood Servicing Ltd have a qualified Fire Door Inspection Scheme Certified technician who can carry out a fire door audit at your premises and provide you with an asset register and recommendations to ensure that your doors are fit for purpose.

Fire Protection Equipment

Fire extinguisher servicing and fire blanket inspection
Hose reel maintenance
Wet and dry risers
Smoke Ventilation Systems