All England are 3rd party accredited Fire Door Installers and when one of our inspectors call they will establish if your fire doors are the correct specification, have been fitted correctly using the right components, have been well maintained and are compliant to fire safety regulations.

All of our fire door inspectors hold the FDIS (Dip) diploma by qualification, which is part of the certified examination process in understanding everything about fire doors

Having your fire doors inspected by a qualified and certified professional not only gives you peace of mind, it also reassures you that you take fire safety seriously. A fire door is a vital safety barrier and is often the first line of defence protecting lives and property by restricting the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire Door Inspections

A six-month fire door inspection is a mandatory requirement of the regulatory (fire safety) reform Order 2005 and Building owners who fail to comply with the regulations can be prosecuted, fined and even sent to prison.

All England are also offering a 6 monthly inspection plan ensuring that your fire doors are kept well maintained and comply to all the legal requirements.